Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers

Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers

Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers. We are sure you have seen hundreds of videos of pet owners surprising their cats with fruit. Because, technically cucumbers are fruits, not vegetables.

These videos include images of scared pretty little cats jumping wildly, running around or scratching these mysterious green objects they have in front of them.

First of all

we should say: don’t try doing it at home! its not good for your pets.

Since the first video was released, biologist Jerry Coyne’s theory has become very popular: he says cats have a natural tendency to fearing snakes, instilled by their ancestors through natural selection.

But in reality, it’s not clear at all whether it is an instinctive phobia to snakes what causes the fear or not.

Most specialists in animal behavior think it’s fear of the unknown in general.

Initially, cats aren’t inherently (inhÉrently) afraid of cucumbers. Cats are creatures of habit.

Most probably, cats on all the internet videos we find so curious, have been surprised from the back while they were peacefully eating and looking at their bowl.

They were just taken by surprise while they were doing a normal activity in their everyday life.

Cat’s eyes, just as ours, look forward.

As predators, they are usually looking forward, and they are not very worried about what’s behind them.

Probably, most of the owners of the cats in the videos surprised their kitties when they were already distracted doing something else.

When you place something strange behind the cat while he is eating, he can’t see it, and then when he turns around, he sees a cucumber and he gets scared.

Imagine you are This fear cats feel can be compared to the way we sometimes jump or scream after turning around and seeing someone behind us that wasn’t there before.

Even tho we usually start laughing once the adrenaline disappears, the fear IS real.

It’s not nice to make your cat suffer such a disturbing experience, especially while he is eating.

As pet owners, we should try our best to make our animals feel safe when they are eating.

If cats don’t eat, they can get sick very easily.

Also, the stress caused by the shock can have serious effects on their health – cats are very sensitive animals.

Alright, this doesn’t mean we can’t buy them a new toy, change their bowl or move the sofa.

But, when we do, we have to let them take their time to examine everything and get used to new things.

We sometimes try to prove to a cat that something that scares him has nothing to be afraid of.

But we are probably scaring them even more since we force them to interact with something they are afraid of.

Even tho it’s not really nice, maybe you couldn’t resist and you tried the cucumber thing with your cat.

If he got scared the first time but not the second, it means that, after a while, the object starts smelling familiar to him, and he starts acting normal around it.

finally, Keep cucumbers away from your cats!

Use them in salads, or make a face mask with them, they are very moisturizing!

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