Top 6 Aggressive Aquarium Fish

Top 6 Aggressive Aquarium Fish

Aquarium hobbyist often makes the error of keeping wrong tank mates that often fight or kill the other fish, it happens when you keep Aggressive fish in the aquarium.

Aggressive fish are often carnivorous and eat other small fish in the tank. You may be keeping this aggressive fish for fun or not knowing in the first place that they are aggressive.

So here are the top 6 aggressive aquarium fish that you need to know.

Number 1, Red-bellied Piranha

Top 6 Aggressive Aquarium Fish

They are a popular aquarium fish. However, their jaw bone is packed with razor-sharp teeth.

In groups of about 30 or more, they can eat a whole chicken in a minute.

These fish also attack fish or animals larger than themselves and are so considered as highly aggressive fish.

Number 2 Goliath Tigerfish

Top 6 Aggressive Aquarium Fish

It is African freshwater predatory fish found in Congo River basin.

It is carnivorous fish, feeding on any fish it can overpower and very aggressive even when it is juvenile.

Goliath Tigerfish can grow to 1.5 meters and weighing as much as 50 kilograms.

A number of mishaps have been reported in The Congo of this fish attacking humans.

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Number 3 Vampire Fish

This ravenous fish is found in the Amazon Basin in tropical South America.

The payara, which is also sold as the saber-tooth barracuda, vampire tetra, or saber tusk barracuda, is a common type for large, aggressive aquariums.

It requires a large aquarium and can only be mixed with comparatively large types, as smaller will be seen as a potential victim.

Number 4, Snakehead[1]

They are worthy as a food source and have become notorious as intentionally released invasive types.

That is they cause destruction in large number and the absence of natural enemies gives them apex predator status.

Each spawn age female can cast up to 15,000 eggs.

Since 2002, it has been unlawful to possess a live snakehead in many US states, where they are considered destructive invasive types.

They are aggressive fish and attack and eat smaller or larger fish in the aquarium.

Number 5 Alligator Gar

Top 6 Aggressive Aquarium Fish
Alligator gar – Atractosteus spatula

Alligator Gar is the largest species in the gar family and among the largest freshwater species in North America.

Reports suggest they can grow up to 10 ft that is 3 m in length, and weigh as much as 159 kg.

Alligator gar are relatively passive, seemingly sluggish solitary fish, but are voracious ambush predators.

They lunge forward, and with a sweeping motion, grab their victim, impaling it on their double rows of sharp teeth.

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Number 6 Paroon Shark

Top 6 Aggressive Aquarium Fish

Paroon Shark or giant pangasius are also aggressive fish that are critically imperiled.

Full-grown adults can reach 300 centimeters (9.8 ft) SL in length and weigh up to 300kg.

Juveniles and adults feed on crustaceans and fishes.

So they need large aquariums or pond and are kept with large tank mates because any smaller fish that fit their mouth will be swallowed by the Paroon Shark.


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