Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the world

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the world

Top Most Expensive Dogs in the world, since thousands of years, the dogs are living as very close creatures to human. Generally, the domestic dogs which are seen in houses of several people are available at various prices based on their breed.

But as the dogs of a few breeds have some special qualities, their price in the market will be high. I am going to show you the 10 most expensive dogs in this article. You will get shocked listening to their price.

10. Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Expensive Dogs

This Czechoslovakian dog breed can be said to be one among the dog breeds found in the modern period.

In 1955, this breed of dog was found by the crossing of a German Shepherd Dog with a Wolf living at Carpathian mountains in Eastern Europe…

As the dogs of this breed are very rude, living in groups with strong muscles and well built…

During initial days, these were used as border patrol dogs. Later, these were used for rescue, tracking, and various purposes.

As they have so many special qualities and many people started buying them…

Their average price will be $2500 – $5000.

9. Saluki

Most Expensive Dogs in the world

Saluki is one of the most ancient dog breeds. They are also known as Persian Greyhounds.

These dogs were mostly reared by the pharaohs who were the ancient Egyptian kings it seems.

They not only run fast due to its large chest part and long legs… Looking at the way they hunt in the desert regions… Similarly, there the soldiers were given the training it seems. At that time, along with Egypt, these dogs were mostly reared by the kings of Mesopotamia, Rome and other nearby kingdoms it seems.

They can run at a speed of 60 – 70 km/h. But training them is a difficult task it seems.

But as they not only behave very close with their owners and due to many special qualities… Saluki will cost about $4,000 – $6,500.

8. Peruvian Inca orchid

Peruvian Inca orchid

Even this dog which looks ugly without hair on its body is one of the most expensive dogs breeds.

This breed of dog with its origins at Pre-Inca cultures in Peru earlier and it is one among the animals reared by that tribe.

This dog which is known to be the most ancient breed not only behave friendly with its owners… But also said to be the strongest guard.

Due to these reasons, this breed dog will cost about $5,000 $7,000.

7. Azawakh


Earlier, Azawakh dogs are mostly used as hunting dogs by various tribes in Africa.

Look like the Greyhounds, they can run at fastest speed with long legs.

These dogs with sharp sight and fastest speed can kill the animals like deer easily.

These dogs which are very faithful to their owners became famous as the strongest guards.

So they will cost about $5,500 $7,200.

6. Akita

Most Expensive Dogs in the world

These dogs originated from Japan have a huge demand across the world.

Earlier, these dogs were reared by the kings of Japan… With the strongest body and big head, they are strong enough to kill bears it seems.

This breed of dog is also called with the names Akita Ken and Akita Inu.

This dog is more faithful to its owner. It will fight with any enemy for the sake of its owner it seems.

This most beautiful dog will cost over $6,500 $8,500.

5. Rottweiler

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the world

These dogs of ancient breed originated from Germany are said to be the evidence for their strength.

Earlier, these dogs were used for pulling carts. Since the 19th century, they have been reared as the guard dogs at home.

These dogs which are very faithful to their owners are used by the police and military in special operations.

But as several people lost lives due to their great strength and rudeness… Few countries banned the rearing of Rottweilers.

However, due to their demand in the international market… Original breed of Rottweiler will cost about $7,500 $9,000.

4. Pharaoh hound

These dogs from the islands of Malta near Africa are known as the dogs of rich.

Not just that. That country announced this dog as the National Hound of the Mediterranean.

In Malta, this breed of dog is called Kelb Tal-Fenek, which means “rabbit dog”. Earlier in the islands of Malta, these were used for hunting the rabbits.

These dogs which look majestic have long legs and can run at the fastest speed. It is famous due to its intelligence and speed.

Pharaoh Hounds which are very faithful to their owners will cost about $7500 $ 9000.

3. Tibetan Mastiff

Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the world

Among the world’s strongest dogs, These dogs which look like a lion are considered as the symbol of strength.

Earlier, these were reared to protect the herd of sheep in the mountain regions such as Tibet, Nepal, Himachal Pradesh, and China.

If they are not trained from the time when they are small. It will not allow any small insect to enter the house other than the family of its owner.

If they are not trained, when they attack the outside people. It will not even listen to its owner.

These dogs which weigh about 160 pounds are strong enough to shoo out the tiger.

Due to these special qualities, the original breed of these dogs will cost about $8000 $ 10000.

2. Samoyed

These dogs which were mostly raised by Samoyedic peoples of Siberia region got the name Samoyed from the tribe’s name.

Earlier, these dogs were used for pulling carts in the polar regions and for hunting the reindeer.

Samoyeds which look like a white hairy puppy became famous as the active and strongest dogs.

The dog of this breed which is faithful to its owners and One of the most expensive dogs in the world will cost about $9000 $ 12000.

1. Lowchens

These dogs with the nickname Little Lions, which look beautiful, small in size with long hair, are very famous across the world.

Evidence shows that since the 14th century, these dogs were raised by the families of European kings.

These dogs which were seen mostly in the royal paintings of that time have been raised even now as a status symbol.

The name of Lowchen will be first among the most beautiful and expensive dogs in the world.

The price of Lowchens dogs which are known to be human-friendly will be very high.

Their price depends on the family in which they are grown.

The highest price of this breed dog will be $ 14000.

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