Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

Most dangerous cat breeds, Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world if you’re considering getting one you should probably leave the following 10 dangerous cat breeds off your list of potential candidates.

Most dangerous cat breeds

1. The Bobcat.

Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

known as links Rufus in the scientific community. the Bobcat is a nocturnal animal with a natural habitat in the wild yet some people are brave or silly enough to make them pets. it’s twice as large as the average house cat can weigh up to 30 pounds and has a lifespan of about 7 years.

it’s sometimes mistaken for its cousin the Canadian lynx because of its tough tears large paws and long hind legs both of course also have a bobtail this animal is solitary and territorial which is why it’s quite a challenge to own one it can also be aggressive and temperamental so expect your house to be shredded or destroyed.

Bobcats certainly aren’t child-friendly given that they’re capable of killing a full-grown human if you’re into exotic and wild pets like the Bobcat and you’re cautious and experienced enough to keep one it’s best that you take one in as a kitten otherwise you could end up being its next meal.

2. The Siamese.

Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

hailing from Thailand this breed has the same respect as the Mekong bobtail. the Siamese is believed to be an ancient cat and is currently one of the most popular breeds in the world.

it has a long muscular body that can weigh up to 15 pounds. the most distinct features are the cat’s blue eyes triangular head and distinct coat pattern.

The Siamese is also the most talkative and opinionated cat out there it demands to be entertained and showered with attention 24/7. it can be pretty cautious around strangers and outright naughty when left alone at home.

3. The Mekong bobtail.

although the country of origin is cited as Russia this breed was actually brought there from Southeast Asia where legends describe to Kong bobtails as royal beings that guarded ancient temples.

The Mekong bobtail can weigh up to ten pounds and has a lifespan of up to 18 years and of course we can’t forget to mention this breeds most unique feature it’s tiny little bobbed tail like a lot of the unique breeds on this list the Mekong bobtail acts like a dock which means again you can walk it on a leash and train it to play fetch they can be kind and gentle but also playful and energetic.

your house should have plenty of space to stimulate this cat’s active personality and love of jumping up on high places just beware that this cat is pretty independent.

4. The Maine Coon.

Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

This native New Englander hails from Maine hence the name, in fact, it’s the official state cat.

The Maine Coon is a large breed that can weigh up to 20 pounds or more it also received celebrity status as MRS. Norris in the Harry Potter movies.

another interesting fact about this cat is that it became the first pet to ever be commercially cloned back. in 2004 Little Nicky was produced using the DNA of a senior Maine Coon named Nicky.

This breed can be sociable but it can also be assertive and dominant when it wants to be the Maine Coon is very independent and doesn’t like to be robbed of it precious me-time so if it doesn’t want to be disturbed or dislike something expects some retaliation from this cat.

5. British Shorthair.

Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

This breed can weigh up to 20 pounds and lives up to about 20 years.

it’s well known for having around the head eyes and paws and even its tail is rounded at the tip.

but doesn’t be fooled by its cute appearance even if it lowers its hat and looks up at you with a big sad eye sure it’s laid-back and undemanding cat it doesn’t exactly have an active lifestyle so don’t expect them on top of your counters or shelves however the British Shorthair is not a cuddly lap cat and doesn’t like to be carried around nonetheless it’ll stay by your side like a loyal companion when it feels like it.

6. The dangerous cat breeds (Abyssinian).

Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

This cat has a really outgoing and playful personality. the Abyssinian is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds believed to originate from Abyssinia which is modern-day Ethiopia.

Most experts nowadays cite Egypt as the breed’s place of origin full-grown. Abyssinians can weigh from eight to twelve pounds and have a life expectancy of up to fifteen years.

This cat is always on the go and loves climbing up to high places it’s an inquisitive and intelligent breed that’s inclined to investigate.

Abyssinian prefers to be the center of attention and doesn’t do well when left alone if you leave it alone for a long time expect to come home to chaos. this cat can also get aggressive without any valid reason.

7. The dangerous cat breeds (jungle).

let’s talk about the prized pet of the ancient Egyptians the jungle cat its scientific name is Felice cows but it also goes by the swamp Lynx swamp cat or Reed cat while the name would have you think otherwise.

this cat does not live in the jungle but rather in wetlands with dense vegetation.

it’s a medium-sized feline that can weigh up to 20 pounds like any other wild cat this breed is independent and solitary therefore it can be hard to tame and domesticate it even if you raise one from kittenhood the jungle cat is also an energetic active and predatory sort they can even pounce on birds that are about to take off this cat can be aggressive too.

there have been cases of jungle cats attacking and clawing people that got a little too close for comfort.

8.The Chausie.

Top 10 most dangerous cat breeds in the world

also known as the Nile cat this breed is a cross between an Abyssinian domestic cat and a jungle cat you can probably guess by the nickname that this cat comes straight out of Egypt.

it’s a wild ancestor the jungle cat is the very one that the Egyptians worshipped male Chelsea’s can weigh up to 25 pounds while females get up to 20.

it has a slender yet muscular body giving the species an overall athletic built just like the Savannah.

Chausie is perfect for experienced cat owners and families with older children because of its curious and outgoing nature it’s best if you have a lot of space like a fenced-in backyard to avoid any mishaps inside your home.

9. The dangerous cat breeds (Savannah).


this cat is a crossbreed between the African servile and your common domestic house cat. it has a long neck body and legs with dark brown to black spots all over its coat.

Savannah can weigh from 8 to 20 pounds and live up to about 17 years or more.

one of its favorite activities is playing fetch and you can actually walk this cat on a leash and here’s the real kicker it loves to swim this cat is adventurous and curious so it’s better to keep it indoors.

at the same time, they require lots of mental and physical stimulation you also need an infinite amount of patience to deal with their playfulness and mischievous behavior expect turned on faucets open cabinets broken dishware nor the furniture and your toilet being turned into their own private pool so basically it’s an adorable poltergeist.

the Savannah can also be quite aggressive towards strangers especially when they’re young so yes you can keep Savannah’s as pets but this breed is definitely not for first-time cat owners.

10. Pallas’s cat.

Pallas's cat.

with a stocky build and a flat round face, this feline is so fluffy that you might mistake it for a plush toy. but don’t fall so easily for its cuddly appearance because this is a wild cat it was named after German naturalist Peter Palace.

its scientific nomenclature is Otto colobus Monell Otto Calibos is a greek word meaning ugly year rude.

another distinct trait of Pallas’s cat is its uncap like round eyes and pupils.

the important question is can you tame this kitty the short answer is don’t even try to pet it if you see one this wild cat which happens to be a distant relative of the leopard is not a social animal they’re independent territorial and well wild plus palaces cat is classified as near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature that’s why this guy should be left alone and where it belongs in the wild .

which dangerous cat breeds did you find the most fascinating do you know of any other interesting facts about cats let us know in the comments.

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