The Smartest Dogs In The World

the smartest dogs

3- German shepherd

The Smartest Dog

german shepherds have retained the instinctive intelligence that makes them efficient at their original jobs of herding and protecting, which was what they were first bred for in the late 19th Century.

But it’s their adaptive intelligence that puts them at the top of other classes, too, from police and military service to assist and even acting.

There’s a reason so many canine actors are German shepherds, and it’s because they’re not just a pretty face.

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2- Rottweiler dogs[1]

The Smartest Dogs  In The World

They might have a reputation for being terrifying, but when raised properly, rottweilers can be laid-back, affectionate, and devoted to their family.

It’s that devotion and sense of protectiveness they were bred for, and that’s exactly why they need to be intelligent.

Early Rottweilers were bred to herd cattle and pull carts and were among the first to be recruited into service as police and military dogs.

And in order to be such alert, observant dogs, they need to be one step ahead of anything that might pose a threat.

They’re always waiting, watching, and assessing situations like the good watchdogs that they are.

1. Jack Russell dogs

The dog world’s foremost example of big things coming in small packages, Jack Russells have been around for centuries.

they’re believed to have originated in England as fox hunting dogs, and once people started hunting less, their big personalities kept them popular as household companion dogs.

Their particular kind of intelligence is channeled into their personality, and since they honestly love whatever task you might set them to, they’re the embodiment of the philosophy that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

They’re smart and energetic enough to love just hanging out and joining in whatever you want to do.

And it’s no coincidence you often see them in movies and television, either, because they’re easy to train, quick to catch on to new things, and super eager to please.

Share your opinion on which is the smartest dogs among these breeds.

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