The most beautiful fish in the world

The most beautiful fish in the world

Ornamental fish are among the most beautiful creatures on the planet and are characterized by attractive colors and exotic forms.
We show you the most beautiful pictures of these fish by their names.

1- Dragonet :

This species is the most beautiful fish species, also called Mandarin fish and contains the most beautiful fish in the world, the blue Mandarin fish and this species other beautiful species including Mandarin green, Mandarin yellow, and Almandrin dotted, but blue Mandarin is the most beautiful and their images are more prevalent in the web pages unlike the rest Mandarin that I suffered until I got her beautiful pictures .

Mandarin fish live in the Pacific Ocean at the Ryukyu Islands in southern Australia and are considered ornamental fish from the Callionymidae family. Despite their beauty, some species are poisonous. Mandarin also produces a foul odor when an organism tries to prey on coral reefs at a depth of 200 meters. On crustaceans and small worms.

Their types are:

– Blue Mandarin Fish

Blue Mandarin Fish

– Psychedelic Mandarin :

Psychedelic Mandarin

– Spotted Mandarin :

– Green Mandarin Fish :

2- Butterfly Fish :

Butterflyfish are among the most beautiful fish in the world and are most famous because they are spread throughout the oceans and oceans, especially the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific. The butterfly fish are from the Chaetodontidae family and there are more than 114 species of butterfly fish.

The butterfly fish is characterized by a pointed head from the front and a length of 12 to 22 cm. Types of butterflyfish:

Copperband Butterfly Fish :

Racoon Butterfly Fish :

Moorish Idol :

Saddleback Butterfly Fish :

3- Angel Fish :

Angelfish is one of the most beautiful fish in the world and are very similar to the butterfly fish we will mention later. Angels are coral reef fish that feed on coral reefs, sponges and marine plankton and belong to the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea coasts of Hawaii and the Austral Islands.

The Gospel can live up to 20 years and is 10 to 60 centimeters in length.
The most beautiful types:-

Juvenile Emperor Angel Fish :

Regal Angel fish :

Blue Face Angel fish :

Coral Beauty Angel fish :

Lemonpeel Angel fish :

Blue Girdled Angel fish :

4- Tang Fish :

Tang is one of the most beautiful fish in the world and has about 80 species and lives in the tropical seas near the places of coral reefs.
The length of the species is about 15-40 cm and the length of some species may increase to about one meter. These fish grow rapidly if they are fully cared for and the tang lives at a depth of 5 to 30 meters. Among the most beautiful Tang fish:

Blue tang :

Blonde Naso Tang :

Purple Tang :

Chevron Tang :

Yellow Tang :

Powder Blue Tang :

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5- Wrasses Fish :

Rasis is considered one of the most beautiful fish in the world because most of its species are characterized by beautiful colors and bright and is considered an ornamental fish and has more than 600 species of 82 sex.

The larvae are 20 cm long and some species may grow up to two and a half times and feed on small invertebrates. Races live in shallow waters near coral reefs and rocky shores of the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. Now we turn to the most beautiful types of this species:

Lyretail Wrasse :

Lyretail Wrasse

Banana Wrasse :

Banana Wrasse

Mystery Wrasse :

Mystery Wrasse

Ornate Leopard Wrasse :

Ornate Leopard Wrasse

Divided Leopard Wrasse :

Harlequin Tuskfish :

6- Clown fish :

The clowns live in the green waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific in Southeast Asia, Japan, the Indian-Malay region and in northwestern Australia, and are not found in the Caribbean.

Located in the depths of the sea near the anemones and feed on small invertebrates and live among the anemones to escape from their enemies to have no other means of defense and has been given by God Almighty skin resistant to stings and toxicity of anemones.

The clowns live for 3 to 5 years and may grow up to 10 years, ranging in size from 10 to 18 cm. These are pictures of the most beautiful species of clownfish:

Ocellaris Clownfish :

Ocellaris Clownfish

Gold Band Maroon Clownfish :

True Percula Clownfish :

True Percula Clownfish

7- Trigger Fish :

This species contains more than 40 species of brightly colored fish that live in the tropical and subtropical oceans and spread in the Indian and Pacific oceans on the coasts and coral reefs.

The average length of this species is between 20 and 50 cm, but there are some species that reach about one meter and live at a depth of 50 meters under the sea. Now we come to the most beautiful species of this species:

Clown Trigger Fish :

Clown Trigger Fish

Blueline Trigger :

Blueline Trigger

Crosshatch Trigger Fish :

Crosshatch Trigger Fish

Queen Triggerfish :

Queen Triggerfish

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8- Anthias :

Fish are one of the most popular ornamental fish and many accept the purchase of its many colorful colors, which are small, peaceful fish that live in the Mediterranean, the North East Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

Can be found in shallow water in thousands and consists of groups of one male and 2-12 female and male is dominant in each group, but the strangest thing is that the largest female in the group may turn into a male in order to compete with a male in office.

All species of this species feed on crustaceans and small fish. The most beautiful types of this species:

Squareback Anthias :

Squareback Anthias

Bartletts Anthias :

Bartletts Anthias

Randall Anthias :

Randall Anthias

Yellow lined Japanese Anthias :

Yellow lined Japanese Anthias

9- Grouper :

Many of us know the grouper but we have not seen any of the fish that are beautiful and this is because the species available in the Middle East do not have the beauty of color and that is why I would like to show you what you did not have in the market with the most beautiful species of grouper.

The grouper is one of the largest and most powerful fish in the physical structure.

The thickness of the grouper may be more than one meter and may weigh up to 100 kg and grow at a rate of 1 kg each year. Most of the grouper are female and when the female weighs 10-12 kg it becomes male.

The grouper fish feed on fish, crustaceans, and octopuses as they swallow their prey and do not bite it because they do not have many teeth. This is a variety of the best types of grouper:

Eastern Blue Devil Fish :

Eastern Blue Devil Fish

Comet Marine Betta :

Comet Marine Betta

Panther Grouper :

Panther Grouper

Six-lined Soapfish :

Six-lined Soapfish

Miniatus Grouper :

Miniatus Grouper

Blue spotted Grouper :

Blue spotted Grouper

10- Rabbit Fish :

These fish are called rabbit or fox fish, which are similar to butterfly fish in some species but different in the tapered mouth than the butterfly fish with a rather prominent mouth.

Rabbitfish grow up to 40 cm and live alone in the coral reefs and shallow places in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean and the eastern Mediterranean are quick to fear and use their poisonous thorns to defend themselves against any danger. These are the most beautiful types:

Foxface Rabbit Fish :

Foxface Rabbit Fish

Fiji Fox Face :

Fiji Fox Face

We reviewed in this article the ten most beautiful types of fish, What do you think of is the most beautiful fish among these fish??

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