The 5 domesticated species of hamsters

The 5 domesticated species of hamsters

in this article, I am going to be talking about the 5 domesticated species of hamsters that you can own.

There are other species of hamsters but these are only the domesticated ones you can purchase in a pet store or from a breeder.

All these hamsters require the same type of care and have an estimated lifespan of 1.5-2 years sometimes longer.

1. The first species of hamsters is the Syrian hamster.

The 5 domesticated species of hamsters

also known as the golden hamster/panda bear/ or teddy bear hamster.

They’re one of the most popular species of hamsters and the largest ranging from 5-7 inches long and weighing as large as 120grams to 200grams.

Syrians are a solitary species so this means they can only live on their own, and if put with other hamsters will often fight to the death or become very stressed.

Syrians come in a very large variety of coat types, patterns, and colorings and are usually known for being a very calm and easy to handle species, but this really depends on each hamster’s personality.

2. The second species of hamsters the Chinese Hamster.

The 5 domesticated species of hamsters

originating from northern China and Mongolia, this species is a lot more long and thin-looking (similar to a mouse) and has a slightly longer tail than the other domesticated hamster species.

They range from 3-5 inches long and weigh usually around 30-45 Grams.

The Chinese hamster is another species that can only be house by themselves as the Syrian hamster.

Fun fact Some states in America such as California and New Jersey consider the Chinese hamster a pest so they require a special permit to own, breed or sell them.

3. the Russian Campbells dwarf.

The 5 domesticated species of hamsters

They usually range from 3-4 inches in size and weigh 30-50grams.

They also come in a pretty large variety of colors and patterns. and they are actually often confused with the Winter White due to being very similar-looking, though they will often have a rounder nose and broader snout.

Russian Campbells can be housed in pairs but it can be quite difficult and it’s not necessary to house them in pairs as they thrive just fine on their own.

4. the Winter White dwarf also known sometimes as the Siberian hamster.

The 5 domesticated species of hamsters

Winter whites are also known to change their coats during the winter to white, and back to their regular coloring come spring/summer due to the light cycles changing.

They are usually ranging from 3-4 inches long and weighing around 30-50 grams. like the Russian Campbells species Because the winter white species is so similar to the Russian Campbells dwarfs they actually can interbreed with each other creating a hybrid (though it is never recommended to interbreed these species) and It’s actually found that most Winter whites labeled in pet stores are actually hybrids and there are very few purebred winter whites out there today.

5. the Roborovski which is the smallest domesticated hamster

being only 1.5 -2 inches long and weighing 20-25 grams.

They tend to be very famous for their white “eyebrows” above their eyes.

Robots are also the fastest domesticated species of hamsters so they can often be hard to tame and usually aren’t recommended for beginners but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own one if you want one.

I hope this article has helped anyone looking into the different species of hamsters.

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