Red eyes in the dogs

Red eyes in dogs

Dog eyes have many functions such as human eyes. When they are natural and healthy, they absorb light and transform it into images as a food bowl or a favorite toy. When they are red and inflamed, they are very annoying and may not perform well. If your dog’s eyes are red, it is important to know what red eye is in the dogs and what to do for the treatment.

Causes of eye redness in dogs :

The dog’s eyes become red or inflamed and show color red or pink for several reasons. These are the most common:

Dry Eye:

This occurs when the eye does not produce enough tears (tears are produced in three layers: greasy, watery and mucous) The tears maintain corneal moisture and keep it free from impurities, food residues, and pathogens.

In the case of dehydration, the cornea becomes dry and inflamed; these infections are somewhat painful and make the eye red.

Pink eye:

It occurs when the conjunctiva becomes infected Where that infection causes redness

Cherry Eye :

Dogs have a third eyelid that usually remains hidden, and some dogs have a genetic defect that weakens the ligaments that keep this eyelid in place, making the eyelid suddenly appear in the inner corner of the eye and looks like a cherry bean…That’s why it is called Cherry Eye

Corneal damage:

Anything that may damage the cornea of the dog causes the redness of the eye.

Other symptoms :

Beside the redness, you may notice some other symptoms :

  • Mucus secretion
  • around the eyes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Rub the eye frequently
  • Increase in tears
  • The presence of scratches or scars in the cornea
  • The presence of a foreign object in the eye
  • A green or yellow filter out of the eyes indicates an infection.

What do I do if I notice the redness of the dog’s eye?

Eye problems in dogs are not always serious, but they require immediate attention, If your dog’s eyes are red, contact your veterinarian and try to set a date on the same day. When you call him, tell him about the redness, such as when it occurs and what other symptoms you see.

Do not try to diagnose and treat eye redness on your own. The veterinarian has the experience and equipment to examine your dog’s eye accurately and determine the cause of the redness.

Also, do not delay taking your dog to the doctor. Eye problems can turn into more serious diseases. If not treated quickly, the sooner it checks your dog, the better.

Methods of Treatment:

The doctor will perform a detailed examination of the eye, determine the location of the reddened part of your dog’s eye, and if the doctor suspects any corneal damage, put a few drops of green fluorescent dye on the cornea if there are any scars or scratches.

Your veterinarian will recommend treatment for the cause of the redness, for example: If your dog has dry eyes, your doctor will prescribe a medicine such as cyclosporine (which stimulates the production of tears) or may prescribe artificial tears.

Before you leave the clinic, make sure you understand how to give the medicines your dog needs.

Remember that some dogs do not like eye drops or ointments, so you may need to be patient with your dog and take extra time to give it medicine.

Recovery and recovery from disease :

How to deal with your dog’s eyes after the initial treatment depends on the cause of the redness. For example, in the case of dry eye, you will need to give your dog the local medicine regularly, and clean his eyes with prescribed eye lotion, and take him to follow-up appointments every six to twelve months.

If dust and pollen irritate your dog’s eyes, your doctor may recommend cleaning your house from dust frequently.

Your veterinarian will help you determine the best measures to prevent eye redness in the future.


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