most beautiful birds in the world

most beautiful birds in the world

Most types of birds are characterized by the consistency of their shape and the beauty of their colors, so we are puzzled when we want to know the most beautiful birds’ species, in this article, we will show you the most beautiful birds in the world.

1- The Quetzal Bird

most beautiful birds

With its delightful colors and distinctive shape, Quetzal deservedly deserved to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world: He lives in the mountains and tropical forests of Central America, and Guatemala takes her as a symbol, even Guatemala’s currency is named after him.
The ancient Mayans and Aztecs regarded him as a holy bird, and the princes and clergymen wore his feathers during ceremonies and rituals.
The Quetzal feeds on insects, lizards, and fruits. It takes 3 weeks after birth to fly. After 3 years, for males grows a beautiful long tail that distinguishes him from a female who shares males the same attractive colors.
The Quetzal digs its nest in the tree trunks with its strong beak and alternates the male and the female to incubate the eggs inside the tree, but usually hangs the tail of the long male outside the nest!
The Quetzal is an endangered bird, unfortunately, where it is hunted very often, so hide in tropical forests and mountains, so Costa Rica has banned its hunting in its forests but allows bird watchers and those interested in the environment to go and watch it.

2- Tody Birds

most beautiful birds

Small and beautiful birds there are five species of each species living on a different island of the Caribbean islands: Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola, which live there in two species and combine most species of small size and green wings and yellowtails and red necks.

The colors of the rest of the body vary by type the bird and its place.

These small birds weigh range from 5 to 7 grams only and are 10 to 11.5 cm long and have a high voice except the species that live in Jamaica as it makes a low whiz compared to other ones. Most of his movement is by jumping on tree branches.

The tody digs their nests into old trees trunk with their sharp beaks, and the parents take care of their babies in the nest alternately.
It is strange that this small bird feeds it’s young more than 140 times a day, which is the largest proportion of feeding in the world of birds!!
It is easy to see the t tody coming out of their nests in the tree trunks and on the edge of the roads in the Caribbean Islands, where you can meditate and see them well and do not fly fast.

3- Bee-Eater

Not a single bird but a whole group of bee-eaters:
There are 26 different types of bright colors that give them special beauty and live mostly in Asia and Africa, but there are species that live in southern Europe, Australia, and New Guinea.
The bee-eaters are characterized by bright colors, a small body, and long pointed wings, most of them grow with a long tail.
As its name implies, the bee-eaters feed on flying insects, especially bees and wasps, and picks it up with its beak while flying in the air.
But if it landed on the ground he does not care about it and does not see it as a suitable occasion worthy of it!!
When they catch the appropriate insect, it hits it with a hard body several times, until it gets rid of the toxic glands that it uses to bite its enemy to become edible!
Bee-eaters live in colonies and dig their nests in dry sand dunes, and colonists help each other to raise their children if the parents need it!

4- Himalayan Monal

A beautiful bird looks like the peacock bird, but it’s smaller:
The Himalayan Monal lives in the Himalayas, from eastern Afghanistan to western China, and changes his places with changing seasons. In the summer, he likes to live in open grasslands, while in winter prefer to live in pine forests:
The shape of the Monal male is very different from the female. It is covered with beautiful colored feathers, while the female is covered with feathers, mostly white and also the chick it must pass a year before they have colored feathers appear to mention the male small monal!
The monal is a fairly large bird with a length of about 70 cm and a weight of more than 2 kg sometimes.
In the Himalayas, monal birds adapt to the snowy atmosphere, searching for their food from the roots of plants and some small invertebrates by digging and digging in the snow!
Unfortunately, the colorful male monal is hunted for their feathers, which is used to decorate the hats until it becomes threatened with extinction!!

So we have shown you four of the most beautiful birds in the world in the next article we will show four other birds.

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