information about dragonet fish

information about dragonet fish

dragonet fish is the most beautiful fish species additionally called Mandarin fish and contain the most excellent fish on the planet, a blue fish Mandarin and this lovely species different sorts including Mandarin green and yellow Mandarin.

Characteristics of dragonet fish

Mandarin is characterized by different colors wonderful. This type of fish is characterized by a blue body and red and brown stripes.

The head color is tilted to green and yellow and has small yellowish spots on either side of the head. The abdomen almost has no color or tends to light blue to white.

Mandarin is mainly found in the Western Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and Japan, as well as Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, Africa, and Austral.

The length of the Mandarin varies according to its type, with a length of up to 30 cm long (longtail dragonet) and 2 cm  Saint Helena dragonet.

Mandarin fish eat marine worms and small non-vertebrates.

dragonet fish live in non-deep coastal areas at depths of about 18 meters. , Which occupies sandy areas on the seabed and also in the silt areas.

Types of dragonet fish

1- Blue Mandarin Fish

information about dragonet fish

This species is considered Mandarin fish but perhaps the most beautiful fish in the world. These fish are characterized by blue fins and attractive wavy.

2- Green Mandarin Fish

information about dragonet fish

The Green Mandarin is one of the most colorful of all marine fish species. These mandarin fish are sometimes called the psychedelic mandarin due to their coloration and markings.

3- Spotted Mandarin

information about dragonet fish

Spotted Mandarins offer a center ground between the bike blenny and green mandarin as far as trouble. They carry an interesting look with a strong green body shrouded in spots. These can either be a strong dark or sketched out with green and orange circles. While they may appear to be unique they are similar species.

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