Important tips for parrot care

Important tips for parrot care

Parrots are the most beautiful birds, But these birds need special care. In this article, we will present the best tips for parrot care.

The size and shape of the cage

Parrots cannot be housed in a round cage. They need nooks to feel secure.

The cage should be kept against a wall or in a corner, not in the middle of a room.

the cage should be at least 2 times the width of the bird’s wingspan. Bigger is much better.

Well, it should be on a stand. The cage should not be set on the floor (for small birds).

The cage for big parrots have wheels on the bottom and are very tall, and do not need to be on a stand.

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Toys and perches

At least 5 toys would be good. Wooden toys and paper toys are ideal.

Plastic toys aren’t very fun for birds because they can’t really crunch on them.

Birds need wood AND rope perches. Different textures for their feet. Wood alone can become hurtful to the bird’s feet! You may also choose to give your bird swings and ladders, for even more fun.

Diet is essential for parrot care

A parrot just can’t eat the seed. They need pellets, good seeds, fresh fruits, and veggies, and if you can, cooked foods and sprouts. Parrots seem to love eggs and whole wheat pasta.

Behaviors in parrot care

Parrots are mentally confusing animals They can learn to pluck their feathers and other bad behaviors quite easily. Whether it be a bad diet, not enough attention, or other problems, such as arguments in the household.

They can develop screaming problems, too. Whether it be their owner screaming or learning that brash means heed.

A bird can become aggressive and untrustworthy with a mistake from you, like using violence with your bird when he does something wrong.

Negative reinforcement does not work with parrots. Only positive reinforcement does. Reward them for doing everything you like them to do. And they will learn to please you.

Parrots need new toys every once in a while to keep them stimulated and joyful. Whether it be a wad of paper or wooden toy, they will be happy.

they need plenty of toys, and new toys to be happy and healthful. You should bring the bird out of his cage often and have play sessions, like peek a boo.

There are plenty of ideas. Birds love to forage for food and treats, so you can try doing things like hiding food and letting your bird find it.

Remember, parrot’s don’t have a sense of smell, so don’t make it too hard! (They smell with their tongue.

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