Funny and Interesting Cat Facts

Funny and Interesting Cat Facts

Did you know that compared to dogs, which have 10 sounds in their repertoire, cats have more than 100 sound?

In the houses where more than a cat lives, it is recommended that you have cats of both sexes because they get along better.

Cats are famous for breeding while the weather is warm, therefore the number of kittens grows faster when the temperature is higher. Lots of people are worried that global warming will lead to an outrageous number of these small felines.

Just like children, kittens usually are born with blue eyes. In time, they change color.

Funny and Interesting Cat Facts

The heart of a cat can beat up to 140 beats/minute, twice as fast as the heart of a human.

All cats are carnivores, and meat helps them get the necessary nutritional intake.

A cat that weighs about 10 pounds needs a maximum of 350 calories/day. A human needs a minimum of 2,000.

One cat of average size can consume around 90 pounds of food every single year.

North Americans are cat lovers, and almost 73 million of these pets live in their households. For dogs, the numbers are a big different: 63 million.

A cat needs approximately 1 ounce of water/pound of their body’s weight every day. It can reach 2 quarts of water every week.

When jumping, a cat can go 5 times its height.

The way in which cats show affection or mark territory is by rubbing on persons. These marks are made with the help of a scent released by the tail, face, and paws.

On every side of the face, the cat has approximately twelve whiskers.

Cats communicate with people by meowing. With other individuals of their species, they simply spit, hiss or purr.

They don’t have the same sharpness on their rear claws like the ones in the front.

The Turkish Van cats are not like other cats because their coat resists in water, and they love water.

A cat spends 1/3 of its awake time cleaning itself.

Cats were brought to America by Europeans in order to remove pests around 1750.

Dusty was the name of the most fertile cat, which gave birth to over 420 kittens.

The Guinness World Records states that the biggest domestic cat litter had nineteen kittens.

Cats hate citrus.

By eating excessive tuna, cats can become addicted and develop a deficiency of vitamin E.

Whiskers are very important to cats because they use them to show their mood, to wander around and to measure openings.

In 1995 in Denmark, someone discovered a kitten with green fur. This was the result of excessive copper levels existent in the water supplies.

25% of cat owners blow dry their cats after giving them a bath.

Cats can dream and they start this process when they’re only 1 week.

Kittens have sharper teeth, but after they reach 6 months they lose their milk teeth.

I hope I have given you new information you did not know about cats.

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