Differences American Doberman vs European Doberman

American Doberman vs European Doberman

I am confident that everyone is familiar with the Doberman dog breed But did you know that there is a European and American version of Doberman We will talk about them in this article.

First of all, let’s say what the American and European Doberman actually is. For me, European Dobermans are all the Doberman bred accordingly to their international standard. First Dobermans were bred in Germany, and European Dobermans are dogs that are bred accordingly to them. On the other hand, American Doberman is a Doberman that is bred specifically to the AKC standard, which is different than the standard of the Doberman in the rest of the world.

I would also like to say that I am not going to tell you which of these two standards are better because it’s more about individual preferences. But I will tell you what are the main differences between those two standards.

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The first and most important difference is their breeding purpose.

Why is it most important?
Because the breeding purpose causes differences in their appearance and temperament as well. While American Doberman is mainly bred for the show ring, European Doberman is bred as a working dog, and they work as guards and protectors.

So what does this mean?
Well, guard dogs must be large, muscular, strong, and that is exactly what European Dobermans are. I mean, American Doberman is still a very strong dog, but not as much as the European cousin. the difference in their temperament is also why European Dobermans are used by police and military, while American Dobermans are more viewed as a family dog. But, to be honest, both of them make great family guards.

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There are some other differences between the American Doberman and European Doberman

All the facts I will be talking about right now are from the official description of Doberman from AKC and International Doberman Club in Germany[1].

  • the European Doberman cannot have any white markings, while American Doberman can have them in small measures.
  • Their movements should be also a little bit different. In Europe, the gait should be elastic, agile, and free. While in America, it should be balanced and vigorous.
  • Heads of these two dogs tend to be a little bit different as well. European Dobermans tend to have darker eyes, and – I would say – better teeth and jaws, and their jaws are definitely stronger.
  • Some of the American Dobermans cannot make that impactful bite as you would assume. So if you are looking for a guard, I would suggest you get a European Doberman. But if you are looking for a more family, gentle, or maybe show ring dog, then I would suggest you get an American version of Doberman.

the reason behind the differences between those two versions of Dobermans is restrictions and regulations. Because there are not so many restrictions and regulations for breeding a Doberman in America than in Europe.

There are the American breeders want is to create a more popular version of Doberman for masses. For let’s say, “normal people.” They just focus on the consumer, and they wanted to give them a dog that is not so hard to manage, and that is better for not experienced owners.

Another interesting thing is that European breeders are not interested at all in American Dobermans for breeding, While it’s very common that Americans are using European Dobermans in their breeding programs.

There is a big rivalry between European and American Dobermans, but I don’t really see a reason for it because they are different from each other, and each of them has its own audience.

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