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Best food brands for cats.

Best food brands for cats.

Cats need special care by their breeders. One of the most important obligations of the breeder is to take care of cat food so that it is a balanced health food that keeps the cat safe and protects it from exposure to contaminants and diseases in our article, we put you a list of the Best food brands for cats according to standards and specifications of health and maintain the cats and its safety.

Best food brands for cats :

1- Whiskas :

It is one of the best food brands for cats. It manufactures cat food with the highest quality. Its products contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals the cat needs. It also manufactures special foods for small cats such as tuna or fish. The company manufactures its products in cooperation with Waltham To provide their clients with a balanced and healthy diet.

2- Friskies :

One of NestlĂ© Purina Pet Care’s leading pet food brands, it started producing cat food in 1958. NestlĂ© Purina’s pet care products offer a soft and moist food in canned foods. It also offers a moisturized and dry food and contains many flavors such as poultry Beef and seafood, and the company’s products contain vitamins and minerals needed by cats.

3- Cat Chow :

Of Piorina products, The company manufactures cat food with the highest quality,The products contain essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats from their natural sources to the food package with the highest quality standards agreed upon globally.

4- Royal Canin :

A company specialized in manufacturing cat and dog food and distributing its products all over the world. The company was founded in 1972 by a French veterinarian. The company manufactures its products, which are supported by vitamins, calcium, and minerals needed by cats, which are preferred by cats and are available in several flavors and types of dry and soft.

5- natural balance:

The company provides healthy and balanced food products for cats containing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for cats. They also contain a unique blend of ingredients that ensure your cat is well its digested. The company also provides all types of cat food whether dry, soft or mixed in multiple flavors.

6- Felix :

One of the European brands in the food of cats industry, owned by Purina, the company produces many different foods for cats in all age groups.

7- Halo :

The company produces various types of cat food, dry, soft or even mixed, with all the flavors preferred by cats such as chicken, salmon, turkey, and seafood, with the basic nutrients the cat needs.

8- Fancy Feast :

one of the best food brands of cats, the company manufactures all kinds of cat foods with the highest quality standards, as they contain a large number of vitamins and minerals needed for cats in various flavors.

9- Earthborn :

It is one of the companies that produce pet food, including cats. Its products contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and proteins through many nutritious and natural flavors such as chicken, salmon, white fish, herring and turkey, mixed with fruits and vegetables to strengthen the immune system and good digestion of the cat.

10- Simba :

Best food brands for cats
Brand page

An Italian company specializing in pet food from cats and dogs. Its products contain vitamins and minerals that are important for cats in the various flavors they prefer.

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