all about Himalayan Monal bird

all about Himalayan Monal bird

Himalayan Monal bird is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and lives in different environments. These birds have many characteristics that we will mention in this brief article.

Characteristics of the Himalayan Monal birds

Himalayan Monal a beautiful peacock-like bird, but smaller.

The Himalayan Monal lives in the Himalayas, from eastern Afghanistan to western China, and changes his places with changing seasons. In the summer, he likes to live in open grasslands, While in winter prefer to live in pine forests.

The shape of the Himalayan Monal male is quite different from that of the female. It is covered with beautiful colored feathers, but the female is covered with feathers, mostly Brown, as well as young, must pass a year until the colorful feathers appear to male the little monal!

The monal is a fairly large bird with a length of about 70 cm and a weight of more than 2 kg sometimes.

In the Himalayas, monal birds adapt to the snowy atmosphere, searching for their food from the roots of plants and some small invertebrates by digging and digging in the snow!

Unfortunately for it’s, the colorful male monogram is hunted for feathers, which is used to decorate the hats until the bird is threatened with extinction

types of Monal:

Lophophorus impejanus

Monal Himalaya (Lophophorus impejanus) is the national bird of Nepal

all about Himalayan Monal bird

Lophophorus sclateri

also known as the crestless monal, is a large, approximately 68 centimeters (27 in) long

Lophophorus sclateri

Lophophorus lhuysii

The Chinese monal (Lophophorus lhuysii) is a pheasant. This monal is restricted to the mountains of central China.

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