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10 Most Beautiful Birds You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

10 Most Beautiful Birds You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Birds are one of the most wonderful and lovable creatures. Different types exist In this world but birds are perhaps the prettiest and also plays a very important role in the ecosystem. Does the question arise that which is the most beautiful birds in the world?

10. The Wilson Bird

10 Most Beautiful Birds You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Wilson’s Bird-Of-Paradise Found In The Indonesian Hilltops And Rainforests. The Wilsons’ Bird Of Paradise Was Named After A British Ornithologist Edward Wilson.

This Smaller Sized Bird Can Reach A Length Of 6.3 Inches And Can Be Up To 0.7 Kg In Weight.

This Multi-Colored Bird, Has A Black And Red Plumage Primarily With Light Green Mouth, Blue Feet, And Violet Colored Feathers.

The Females Bare A Blue Crown Which Distinguishes Them From The Males.

They Have A Normal Lifespan Of About 5 To 8 Years.

Due To Loss In Its Habitat, This Species Is Declared As Near Threatened By Iucn.

9. Guianan Cock-Of-The-Rock

Guianan Cock

Another Unbelievable Bird Of The Passerine Specie Is The Guianan Cock-Of-The-Rock.

This South American Bird Is Endemic To The Tropical Rainforests And Preferers Rocky Habitats Than Greener Surroundings.

It Is Around 12 Inches In Length And Nearly 0.2kg In Weight.

Its Plumage Is Brownish Smoky Grey And Has Bright Orange Feathers, Legs And Skin.

They Are Known For The Half-Moon Crest On Their Heads That Gives Them Their Unique Look.

With Good Food And Protection From Predators In Captivity, They Can Live Up To 7 Years.

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8. Magnificent Frigate Birds

10 Most Beautiful Birds You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Native To The Tropical And Subtropical Regions Between Mexico To Ecuador And Florida To Brazil, This Weird Looking Seabird Is A Unique Looking Thing.

It Has A Large Sized Body With Brownish-Black Plumage And Long Narrow Wings.

The Females Of The Species Are A Little Larger In Size And Have White Breasts And Belly.

It Has A Length Of 35 To 45 Inches And A Weight Of 1 To 1.5 Kg.

They Feed Themselves By Catching Fish From The Ocean’s Surface During Flight And Sometimes Even Harass Other Birds To Regurgitate Their Food.

7. Three-Wattled Bellbird

Most Beautiful Birds

Three-Wattled Bellbird Belonging To The Cotinga Family, This Central And South American Migratory Bird Is One Of The Most Amazingly Weird Species.

This Breed Has A Size Of 9 To 12 Inches And A Weight Of 0.2 Kg.

The Males Have A Chestnut Colored Plumage With White Head And Throat.

The Beak Of The Bird Is Long, Slender And Black.

The Females Have Olive Colored Plumage With Yellow Underpants.

One Of The Two Reasons For Its Fame Is Its Distinct Vocals. Whereas The Other Is The Fact That This Specie Is Now Declared As “Vulnerable” By The Iucn.

6. Sri Lanka Frogmouth

10 Most Beautiful Birds You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Native To The Indian And Sri Lankan Ghats, The Sri Lankan Frogmouth Is Also Known As The Ceylon Frogmouth.

This Nocturnal Nightjar Mostly Lives In The Woodland Habitats And Is Endemic To The Forests Of The Native Lands.

It Has A Plumage Of The Color Of Dried Leaves Which Makes It Difficult To Spot.

It Reaches Up To 9.1 Inches In Length And Can Weigh Up To 0.6 Kg.

With A Lifespan Of About 10 Years, This Bird Is One Of The Strangest And Unique Looking and beautiful Birds In The World.

5. Long-Wattled Umbrella Bird

Also Known As “Vaca De Monte”, The Long-Wattled Umbrellabird Belongs To The Cotinga Family.

It Is Found In The Lowlands And Forests Of Pacific Slope From Colombia To Ecuador.

These Beautiful Birds have height Of 15 To 16 Inches And A Length Of Nearly 8 To 11 Inches.

It Weighs Around 0.3 To 0.5 Kg And Has A Long Wattle Around Its Throat. This Wattle Is Absent In Females And Juveniles.

Instead, They Have A Crest Which Is Similar But Not As Big As That Of A Full-Grown Male.

They Have A Lifespan Of 10 To 12 Years And Distinguishable Black Colored Shafts In Their Feathers.

4. King Vulture

10 Most Beautiful Birds

King Vulture One Of The New World Vulture Families, The King Vulture Is A Large Sized Bird.

It Is Found In The Tropical Forests Of Southern And Central Parts Of America.

This Large Sized Bird Is 32 Meters In Length And Is Around 45 Kg In Weight.

It Comes In Different Colors With Black Feathers. It Has A Distinguishing Orange Caruncle On Its Beak, That Gives It The Strange And Unique Look.

Reportedly, Living Up To 30 Years In Captivity, This Bird Is Certainly One The Strangest And Most beautiful Birds In The World.

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3. Helmeted Hornbill

Helmeted Hornbill

Helmeted Hornbill Native To The Forests Of Peninsula, Sumatra, And Borneo, The Helmeted Hornbill Is A Large Sized Bird Of The Hornbill Family.

The Body Length Varies From 43 To 47 Inches With A Total Weight Of 3kg.

This Bizarre Looking Bird, Is Known For Its Huge Sized Head And Has Around 11% Off The Body Weight Above Its Neck.

They Have A Greenish Throat Patch In Females And Which Is Red In Males.

The Large Head Is Used As A Weapon In Combat With Other Males.

2. Hoatzin


This Reptile Bird, Goes By Many Names.

Known As Hoatzin, Skunk Bird And Stink Bird, It Is A Tropical Specie Found In The Forests And Swaps Of Amazon And Basins Of South America.

These Pheasant Sized Birds Have A Length Of 26 Inches And Weight Of Around 0.7 To 0.9 Kg.

It Has Long Orange Colored Neck With A Small Head Having A Spikey Crest On The Top.

The Underpants Are Dark And Buff Whereas The Underwings Are Chestnut Colored.

It Has An Average Lifespan Of 15 Years And The Name Of This Bird Is Derived Because Of Its Foul Odor.

1. Greater Sage-Grouse

10 Most Beautiful Birds You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Greater Sage-Grouse The Largest Of The Grouse Family In North America, The Greater Sage-Grouse Is The Strangest Bird In The World.

It Is Found In The Western Areas Of The United States, Saskatchewan And Canada.

This Species Ranges From 26 To 30 Inches In Length And Weighs About 3 Kg.

The Adults Of The Breed Have Long Pointy Tails And Dark Brown Throats.

It Gets Its Name Because Of Its Favorite Food Sagebrush.

These Birds Have Probably The Shortest Average Lifespan In The World Of About 1.5 Years.

Due To Huge Loss In Habitat, They Are Recognized As The Threatened By The Iucn.

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